In the "green heart" of Germany

Granted, Hohe Tanne is indeed rather secluded, but there are still many ways that lead you to us – you might even cycle along the 20 km Ilm-Rennsteig bike path from Ilmenau to Großbreitenbach, if you're so inclined. Along said popular bike path (which follows the former railway embankment) there are many opportunities that invite you to pause for a moment and enjoy beautiful views of the scenic Thuringian Forest. After the long climb from Gehren to Großbreitenbach and arriving at the highest point, you have finally reached the Hohe Tanne.


Hohe Tanne GmbH – Hohe Tanne 7 – 98701 Großbreitenbach

  • PHONE: +49(0)36781/ 2410 - 0
  • FAX: +49(0)36781/ 2410 - 10

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