Insights into our modern production plant

In the field of precision engineering, Hohe Tanne GmbH focuses on the development and production of fine mechanical components for sectors that place high demands on the quality of the product as well as on the quality assurance of the manufacturing process. Our claim is to be able to manufacture even complex and high quality components in a cost-effective manner. Our newly built company building allows us a lean and smooth production and manufacturing across several stations. All machines and spaces for ESD assembly, engineering and administration of our company are arranged on one floor and provide ample space for internal logistics.


The production of precision technology requires even more precise machine tools, which is why we preferably use precision machining centers built by Hermle AG – equipped with 5-axes machines and largely fully automated workpiece handling.

The advantage of 5-axes and 5-sided complete machining: We are able to manufacture even the most demanding workpieces in ideally a single set-up.


programming on Solidcam

Professionally created program data provide the basis for efficient and innovative solutions for our customers. For the planning implementation of their requirements, we therefore rely on a sophisticated 3D software solution with Solid Works and Solid CAM.
Our design engineers can even develop tailor-made solutions from simple drawings or sketches. At the end of the design process, the completed path optimized NC program is compiled and transferred directly to our machining centers. This enables us to produce even more accurately and reliably, nearly without any retooling and risks.


Compliance with your quality requirements

Quality and reliability are the gold standard of the present and the future. In order to guarantee the quality of our services in precision engineering, we work with adequate equipment. Our motto: Consistent, continuous quality – in every production batch and in the future.
The interplay of human and technical performance is crucial to the quality of the final product. Even in the earliest planning stages of production, quality assurance is already essential. Constant production controls ensure absolute precision. All technical possibilities of the measuring room and final inspection are at our employees' full disposal. In addition to the standard measuring methods of precision engineering all tools used are optically measured as well.

Our quality management system is certified as per DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. This guarantees our customers verifiable and consistent quality at all times. The process-oriented management system in accordance with worldwide quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 guarantees you as a customer certified, fast and flexible production while assuring top quality.
All processes from order intake to shipping logistics are systematically recorded and optimized. The area of responsibility of each individual employee is clearly defined, all operating levels communicate via defined interfaces. Thus, the possibility of multiple executions or waiting periods is eliminated.

„Remember always that the recollection of quality remains long after the price is forgotten“.

H. Gordon Selfridge


From single component to complex assembly

In order to meet the high quality requirements of our customers, we guarantee modern, electrostatically protected workplaces, which enable both simple and complex series assembly, including functional testing, commissioning and documentation. Together with our highly qualified assembly team, we're able to take on practically any challenge from idea to final serial product. Our customers come from a wide range of industries, such as food and medical technology, mechanical engineering, optics and analytics as well as robotics.


From individual and assembly drawings, parts lists and assembly instructions, detailed project documentation is produced throughout the process so that changes and serial numbers can be traced at any time. Purchased parts are procured strategically and allocated in time. In addition to the production of ready-to-install parts, Hohe Tanne also undertakes the ESD-protected final assembly of pre-assembled units as well as all mechanical, pneumatic and electrical tests. Final testing and functional tests are of course documented in a trackable way. The final assembly of the devices on customer-specific packaging carriers as well as the collection of representative test results and serial number management are guaranteed.

„The whole is greater than
the sum of its parts“.