Company profile

The Hohe Tanne GmbH, based in the Thuringian Forest, was founded in 2016. With now 15 employees, consisting of highly qualified engineers, programmers, technicians and creative minds, we have specialized in the development, design and manufacturing of hygienic equipment and systems as well as the series production of highly complex technical components and assemblies. Efficiently organized process sequences allow us a lean and smooth production and manufacturing across several stations. All machines and spaces for ESD assembly, engineering as well as our company's administration are arranged on one floor and provide ample space for internal logistics, which lets us focus optimally on the precision and quality of our work. Our aim is to work in nature, not against it. As such, our new factory building (built in 2018, covering a floor area of 3600 m2) is a pure wooden construction. This is not only ecologically safe, but also lets the building integrate perfectly into the old spruce forest surrounding the grounds. The use of environmentally friendly energy sources such as geothermal energy underlines our philosophy. Kontaktieren Sie uns! Get to know us!


Of course, a fancy facade alone is not nearly enough to define a successful company –our work is at least as innovative as the company building.Our objective is to develop Hohe Tanne GmbH to the highest standard, making it one of the most cutting edge workshops in our region. At the heart of this is the fully automated production of fine mechanical components and assemblies in an interconnected park of machining centers and associated peripherals – all in the spirit of industry 4.0. This high level of automation in combination with high-tech not only enables the efficient production of small, medium and large batch sizes – it's also meant to help keep up with the ever-increasing global competition in the long term. Another key business area of Hohe Tanne GmbH is the development and production of hygienic equipment and systems for the food, pharmaceutical and medical technologies.


In addition to the hygienic design of components, this also includes the development of automation solutions for, among other things, the processing of unpackaged food. Innovative handling technologies that facilitate flexible and non-destructive transport of hygienically sensitive products are an integral part of this. For the end consumer to be able to safely consume food or pharmaceuticals, the focus must not be limited to hygienic design, but include the subject of residue-free cleaning. Hohe Tanne GmbH offers innovative solutions in this area, such as the development and in-house production of effective robotics for efficient and customized cleaning of interior walls of tanks and containers.


"The future is our construction site"
Hohe Tanne GmbH


Corporate culture at Hohe Tanne

For us at Hohe Tanne GmbH, a modern corporate culture is mainly reflected in the following core values: constructive and solution-oriented cooperation, fun work environment, commitment, personal responsibility, helpfulness and creativity. One of our highest aims is to maintain the culture we have created and uphold its values.

Creativity and solution competence

Our visions and projects are solely based in our employees' passion and determination to find an intelligent solution to every problem.

Innovation by means of atmosphere

We firmly believe that the place of work is a space that should allow fun and make employees feel comfortable. A beautiful workplace amidst tall fir trees in an award-winning building – built with heart and soul, constructed of solid wood – fuels our creativity, our pleasure and motivation at work. And if one likes to work, one does a good job!

Happy employees equal satisfied customers.

Skilled employees are essential to a company's success. In order to achieve extraordinary success however a company needs qualified, committed and satisfied employees.

Our approach at Hohe Tanne as an employer is to continually ask ourselves "What do our employees need and how can we enable them to fully realize their potential?" Creating a good product requires more than just a vision – people who contribute their talents and passion are instrumental in the product's success. In short: every single team member is indispensable!

Our Clients are our Partners

We maintain an open dialogue with our clients and strive for long-term partnerships instead of quick and easy profits.

For us, the best basis for every cooperation lies in mutual trust and fairness.

We consider our suppliers and service providers our partners as well.

Long-term relationships – established and nurtured with care – with our suppliers and service providers are key to a professional and smooth project flow and essential to the overall success of our projects. When buying, we exchange money for an equivalent product. We value our suppliers and their service and our own products in equal measure.


Why wood?

The fact that our company building is made of wood has many reasons: Building with wood is active environmental protection. As a renewable resource it's readily available in our immediate surroundings. Spruce and fir woods from the local low mountain region of the Thuringian Forest have provided the perfect raw material for our timber construction. Compared to other materials such as concrete or steel, wood has a much lower dead weight. This enabled us to realize large, free-spanning structures using glued timber, so-called laminated beams. The wooden beams allow for spacious roofing and are thus perfectly suited for hall constructions like ours. Furthermore, this type of construction is more advantageous in terms of fire protection than using steel.

In addition to the economic and practical requirements of designing our operations, which had to be solved conceptually and architecturally, the spatial effect of light, air and color was a deciding factor in planning our workshop, the peripheral workshops and our offices. The aesthetics of wooden surfaces as well as the sense of air or smell in wooden constructions have a positive effect on people in a working environment. Thus, the useful properties of wood – such as storage and re-release of moisture, but also thermal inertia for better compensation of temperature fluctuations – support the daily well-being and last but not least have a calming effect on mind and soul. From our point of view, wood is the building material of the future.